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The aviation sector wants to reach net zero by 2050. How will it do it?

Using sustainable methods to produce carbon neutral aviation fuel. While the aviation industry may not be able to completely eliminate emissions at source, it is vital to mitigate the rest using a variety of offsetting mechanisms

Non government organisation - WeForum (2022)

The Growth in Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Commercial Aviation

The article examines the impact the growth of air travel and freight will have on greenhouse gas emissions

Non-profit organisation - E.E.S.I (2022)

Climate change and flying: what share of global CO2 emissions come from aviation?

Reviewing the cons of flying as a result of carbon emission and exploring the link between our personal and collective carbon emissions.
The article highlights how much of a role aviation plays in global emissions and climate change

Academic - Hannah Ritchie (2020)

carbon emissions

Green jet fuel is here – so why are airlines not using it?

The journey to net zero and why more airlines should embrace SAF in a bid to reduce carbon emissions.
In its bid to become more sustainable, aviation is also looking at next-generation technologies like hydrogen and electric-powered flight, but these require transformational changes that are still many years away

Government - CNN (2022)

Targeted Use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel to Maximise Climate Benefits

The climate benefits of sustainable action fuel and how it can be utilised to be of benefit to the environment

Academic - American Chemical Society (2022)