Clearing House Advisory Group

Key to the success of the UK SAF Clearing House is the Clearing House Advisory Group (CHAG). The CHAG is an independent open-invitation committee of experts from across the aviation fuel industry from production, distribution to use and includes representation from:

  • original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
  • the international standards organisation ASTM
  • academics and experts
  • UK Ministry of Defence (MoD)
  • major fuel producers
  • other Clearing Houses and
  • UK Department for Transport (DfT)

The committee's role is to oversee and advise on the set-up and running of the Clearing House‚Äôs procedures, processes and operating model, in order to best serve the industry.  Furthermore, on an as-required basis, members of the CHAG may be co-opted to advise on specific technical issues.  

Specifically, CHAG members will be requested to review and provide advice on:

  • The establishment , development and operational oversight of the UK SAF Clearing House including:
    • organisational structure
    • criteria used for candidate supplier selection and prioritisation
    • processes that manage the guidance given to potential SAF suppliers
    • the interaction between the programme and key industry stakeholders
    • collaboration of activities of the US (and possible future EU) Clearing House
    • monitoring and evaluation of the programme's benefits to industry and
    • ensuring value for money for the services provided 
  • Technical advice on potential SAF products as needed.  These can be on issues that can either apply across the board or for specific products:
    • individual test reports and interpretation at pre-screening and/or various stages of the ASTM D4054 process
    • testing plans for selected candidate fuels which consider the most appropriate testing matrix, most  appropriate fuel test facilities based on their expertise, location, and value for money
    • testing requirements for fuel producers to enable their SAF to be approved for use against ASTM standards
    • advice on OEM research and report of early-stage (Tiers 1 and 2) testing data and defining the required later-stage testing (Tiers 3 and 4)

Membership of the CHAG

Membership will be proposed by the UK SAF Clearing House, with input from external members which are composed of stakeholders in the aviation and sustainable aviation fuels industry. The final membership of the CHAG will be subject to approval by the DfT.

If you feel that you have specific expertise that can support the development of the UK SAF industry we would be interested in hearing from you. Email us at