Our vision and objectives

Our vision

The UK SAF Clearing House aims to support industry to deploy sustainable aviation fuels by facilitating the development, evaluation, and qualification of jet fuel from sustainable sources. We will build on and further develop existing UK expertise to help reduce uncertainty, cost, and time barriers to SAF development which in turn will broaden the scope of eligible fuels that meet the rigorous performance and quality standards required for commercial and military aviation use. 

We will act as a central function that will advise Plane being refuelledpotential SAF producers, as well as co-ordinate and help fund the evaluation, testing  and qualification of new fuels.  We  will also connect stakeholders, facilitate collaboration, and provide access to critical information and resources. The UK SAF Clearing House may also provide advice and support to fuel suppliers regarding due diligence testing as they scale up from laboratory, pilot and to full production.

Our aim is to help fuel producers by reducing the costs and risks in bringing SAF to the aviation market.

Our objectives

The UK SAF Clearing House meets the demand for testing from fuel producers and we bring together expertise for the use of UK and international SAF producers.

We seek to further develop the existing UK SAF expertise to help reduce uncertainty, cost, and time barriers to the deployment of UK-produced SAF. We therefore aim to:

  • Testing sustainable aviation fuels UKprovide advice and guidance to fuel producers on SAF testing and qualification requirements
  • co-ordinate testing activity between a network of UK facilities to cover the required pre-screening and ASTM process
  • support the DfT in providing grants to reimburse testing costs
  • work collaboratively with stakeholders including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), regulators, Specification Groups and the US and EU Clearing Houses.

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