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SAF qualification overview

Get an overview of the rigorous testing requirements to compare the properties of new, alternative jet fuels to petroleum-derived jet fuel to determine whether a fuel can be considered “drop-in.” Learn about how SAF gets certified, currently approved fuels and existing standards and approvals.

Commercial Aviation Alternative fuels Initiative (CAAFI)


SAF Grand Challenge Roadmap

Find out about The Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Grand Challenge, a U.S. Government-wide approach to work with industry to reduce cost, enhance sustainability, and expand production of SAF.

US Government

KTN Cleared for Offtake - Supplying Sustainable Aviation Fuels

As the names suggests, SAF must also meet specific sustainability standards. Governments often require suppliers of aviation to meet certain standards in order to qualify them as sustainable.

The Knowledge Transfer Network (2022)

KTN, standards

Power-to-Liquids Roadmap: Fuelling the Aviation Energy Transition in the United Arab Emirates

Exploratory insight into the aviation industry and alternative approaches to decarbonise the remaining emissions

Government . UAE - Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure (2022)

Fuelling sustainable aviation for the long haul

Sustainable aviation fuel – a cleaner fuel powered by sources ranging from agricultural waste to carbon captured from the air – is a viable industry solution in energy transition efforts by 2030 and beyond

World Economic Forum (2022)