Fuel producers

Providing support for fuel producers

Testing SAF in a laboratory: image of lab glassware and liquid being testedThe UK SAF Clearing House acts as a central hub for a network of SAF testing facilities across the UK, enabling you to find information about them all in one place. 

We also provide advice and guidance to fuel producers on the required evaluation and testing, signpost you to testing facilities, define test programmes and interpret results. 

Find out more about the SAF testing grants:

SAF fuel testing grant diagram

Reducing the costs and risks in bringing SAF to the aviation market

The UK has strong existing capability for the testing and certification of SAF, however, the cost involved for fuel producers and the complexity of navigating the required process toward certification remains a barrier. 

To overcome this, the UK Clearing House helps with technical advice and the coordination of support and funding for the testing and qualification of new fuels:

Support for fuel producers: